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We create professional 3D animations for the purposes of presentation, advertising and film. We can prepare video spots for advertising campaigns and video presentations. When creating a video spot, all we need to know is your intention, goals and budget. We will take care of everything else that is needed. We create customized audiovisual spots.



Advantages of 3D animation and advertising

3D animation creates a realistic image based on a computer model. When filming live action in a studio, scenes are filmed over a span of several days followed by a lengthy process of post-production processing. With 3D animation, we are able to create videos virtually. The finalized 3D animated video is easier to process and work with; it is possible to place the video spot into any setting – even the setting can be changed later. 

Corporate videos – video spots

We can create videos for your advertising campaigns as well as for presentation purposes. When creating a video spot, all we need to know is your intention, goals and budget. We will take care of everything else that is needed. We create video spots for any application and offer turnkey audiovisual production. 

Practical use of 3D animation

3D animation can be used with trailers, jingles or advertising spots. 3D animation can flesh out your ideas and impart motion to fictional and real objects. With 3D animation you can take a walk through a building which as of yet does not exist, simulate any process or show the main advantages of your products. 

The appealing combination of video and 3D animation

If you need to convey real life features which are not easily displayable in the real world (e.g., structure of material, simulation of future building works), you can enrich your video through 3D animation effects. Our studio also offers professional 3D animation for advertising and film purposes. With affordable prices and technical quality, 3D animation can be used broadly in advertisement production. 3D animation is a very powerful presentations tool; it brings a highly attractive element to film presentations.    

3D animation can present the unimaginable

That which would be difficult to simulate with live-action filming is easily handled by 3D animation. You can take a virtual tour inside the human body and look at the cells. You can take a look inside building materials, use 3D animation to present the process of construction to clients or even draw up an animated manual. 

3D animation – usable in all fields and services

You can use 3D graphics and animation in the manufacturing and service sectors as well as the industrial or construction fields. Do you want to present how simple it is to renovate a building, present new service or product? 3D animation can make all your presentation wishes come true thanks to its specifications and possibilities.

Animated objects and characters seem real

Animated objects and characters look completely realistic, mainly thanks to the fact that the animation focuses on a model’s skeleton. Much the same as a living organism, a 3D model also has a skeleton, with each additional part of the model correctly oriented and placed on the corresponding bone. This is how a realistic visualization is achieved. However, there must be more to 3D animated objects and characters than mere looks. In order to bring 3D characters to life, it is necessary that they elicit empathy by their specific characteristics, gestures and emotions. To accomplish this, we make use of our animators and the overall know-how in 3D animation.

Viewing and playback anytime, anywhere 

On a daily basis, each of us uses a plethora of means by which we can access video content at any time of day, may it be a television, computer screen, tablet or smartphone. Exactly for this reason there are many different types of methods for how to focus and use video presentations. 

Choose the style of your video with regard to its intended use

We create videos for any use, but especially for presentations and advertising campaigns. Video and 3D animation can be used for entertainment, presentation of a product or idea or it can be used as any type of video instruction manual. Video spots can be spread by non-classical means of distribution such as viral marketing on social networks. Alternately, it can be used in its most classical way – the well-known form of television commercials. We can produce a customized video for you; from the first idea, to the script, casting, execution, all the way to postproduction and placing on the internet or television.

Video production – video spots – corporate videos

Video has been one of the most popular and frequently used marketing tools for a long time. Nowadays, in our fast moving world, static information does not catch our attention fast enough – this is why new methods of communication are on the increase. Strong advantages of video as a presentation format include its influence upon multiple senses at once and the fact that most of us have some device capable of playing video with us all the time.


Combining 3D animation and video

According to your wishes and requirements, it is possible to combine 3D animation with live-action video footage. You can supplement your live-action commercial spots – including real actors – with animations in order to emphasize specific features and the uniqueness of your product or service. Our studio also offers high quality video production services.

We can prepare for you any type of video production:

  • Commercial spots and video presentations
  • Presentation and instructional videos
  • Tricks and effects using 3D animation
  • Production and video mastering
  • VFX 

Main advantages of 3D animation

  • 3D animation can present the inconceivable
  • Possibility to combine 3D animation and live video
  • 3D animation is usable in all sectors
  • Faster preparation of advertising communication
  • Financial savings in the preparation of advertising communication
  • Life-like view of animated objects and environments 

3D animation, 3D graphics and their useí

Do you want to present a building or show your product and its advantages? 3D graphics and 3D animation can make this possible for you. We work with the shapes of objects as well as their texture – how the light is reflected and absorbed. Objects processed in 3D can be integrated into any type of environment and further worked with.

Financial savings in preparation of advertising communication

Another indisputable advantage is price. The price of 3D animation is only a fraction of the cost of live recording, specifically due to savings in time and manpower.


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