Creating 3D configurators

3D configurators enable visual presentation of product variations. 3D configurator technology allows the viewing of products and configuration of specific requirements for the products’ appearance and functionalities online. This is the easiest way to allow a customer to visualize a specific product, including all its possible variations and combinations.



The 3D configurator and its use

We are often asked: “How can we present a product line that offers tens or even hundreds of possible combinations?”  It’s simple – use a 3D configurator! An interactive online system can offer simple, user-friendly access to all variations and possibilities of your products and enables the client to imagine a specific product in multiple variations and combinations. 

Smoother communication with customers

This feature significantly simplifies communication with customers. An outstanding 3D configurator service enables customers to get a better idea about a new product without the necessity of face-to-face meetings and hours spent explaining ideas and presenting every option. It allows a personal choice without relying on a convenient time and place.

Selected configuration displayed with immediate visual feedback

Empower your clients to work with a 3D model which is indistinguishable from a photograph and which they can modify according to their preferences. Every client decision within a 3D configurator leads to immediate visual feedback in an interactive 3D display. Customers can freely change colour, print format, material, texture and accessories. They can zoom, rotate or play an animation and explore all variations before they purchase the product. 

Combining of advantages of online catalogue and ordering

Having this online presentation within an intuitive interface acts to enhance product prestige and gives customers the option of creating their own version of a 3D product with selected functionalities and a variable appearance. You can give your customers the option to share the selected variations – all displayed with photo-realism – either on Facebook, Twitter or directly in the e-shop database. All that is left to do is to deliver these tailor-made products to the end customer. 

Main advantages of 3D configurators

  • Easier communication with customers 
  • Selected configuration is displayed with immediate visual feedback
  • Combining of advantages of online catalogue and ordering
  • Outstanding marketing and sales tool
  • Elimination of costs for production and transport of samples and models 

Creation of 3D configurators 

A 3D configurator is used for the interactive presentation of products. We can create a 3D configurator customized to suit your needs. I want a 3D configurator. 

Financial savings through a 3D configurator 

Another indisputable advantage is price. The price of a 3D configurator is only a fraction of the production costs of all the variations of a product and having them photographed. Products are created in a virtual environment and the result is a 3D visualization which is indistinguishable from a photograph. 

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