3D product visualization – visualization of products

We create product visualizations of existing products as well as of product plans plotted in a draft. For production of 3D models we use the latest 3D technologies that allow us to present products in life-like material and lighting. We model objects and products in 3D with photographic accuracy. 


Product visualization – 3D models

Do you need to present a proposed product to your clients or investors, but all you have are drawings or a prototype? We can prepare a realistic 3D model with attention to the proper materials and lighting, set in an attractive composition. 

Tangible idea of a planned product

We not only model and prepare proposals for packaging, unique bottle shapes, electronics and furniture, but also designs for industrial machinery. Product visualization is usable in all types of sectors. With a 3D model you can achieve a more tangible perception of an idea which for the moment only resides in your head or on paper. The end result of 3D graphical work can be in the form of a static or dynamic image – both indistinguishable from photographs or live-action footage. 

3D model appearance variations and environment 

Even before the start of production, with a 3D model you can try modifying the appearance or colours of the future product. You can also place it into any setting. Thus, with a 3D model you can find out in advance which colour floor will best fit with an unconventional sofa or which colour bottle will go best with a new label in terms of attracting the most attention. 

Jump-starting sales and marketing activitiest

With a 3D model you can present your customers or investors with a view of a finished product even before the beginning of the production process. You can use a 3D model instead of a photograph, and start preparing for consequential sales offers and marketing activities in advance. 

Advantages of visualization and 3D models

  • Gain tangible and visual images about a future product
  • Unrestricted modification of appearance and features of a modelled product
  • Unrestricted environment and composition in which to place a 3D model
  • Use of a 3D model to start sales and marketing activities even before the start of the production process

You will appreciate visualization of products and 3D models as irreplaceable aids in the introduction of new products and in the preparation of sales and marketing campaigns. 

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