3D characters – 3D mascots

We create 3D models of characters and advertising mascots. We will prepare a concept for a mascot based on your ideas and requests or we can prepare sketches and designs for a character according to the type of your business and its nature.


3D characters and 3D mascots

Advertising characters and mascots can be an important element of a marketing campaign. They help to clearly and immediately distinguish a company or product. They are memorable tools of marketing communication. Selection of an optimal advertising mascot is the first step towards success.

Unique and memorable guide

A character or advertising mascot uniquely identifies your company or product. For the company, the creation of a 3D mascot is significant; for the campain’s target audience, it is attractive. With 3D visualization/animation, we can materialize a character which is exactly what would symbolize your business or product: witty, cheerful or elegant. To bring a 3D figure to life it is necessary to be able to empathize with its specific characteristics, gestures and emotions. 3D graphics can achieve very realistic results.  

3D character according to your wishes or proposals

Based on provided ideas and documentation we will first create 2D sketches of your company symbol. Consequently, we will work these into a 3D model. However, if you do not have any specific idea about the desired appearance or characteristics of your future figure, we can create a unique character for you based on information about the type of your business or product..

Time and financial savings in the preparation of your marketing campaigns

A 3D mascot can be put into motion through animation and his story can be set into countless settings and compositions. The subsequent preparation of marketing campaigns will require much less time and less money as compared to the days spent recording television spots or photographing models for print media. The adaptability and financial savings of the prepared campaigns is a definite advantage.

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Výhody 3D postaviček a 3D maskotů:

  • jednoznačný a zapamatovatelný průvodce
  • 3D maskot podle vašich přání nebo podle našich návrhů
  • časová i finanční úspora při přípravě marketingových kampaní

3D maskot či reklamní postavička se stane reálným průvodcem a jednoznačnou identifikací vaší reklamní kampaně.


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