3D exterior visualization

We create realistic 3D visualizations of houses and apartment buildings. During realization we focus on the realistic presentation of materials which will be used for building the actual house in order to stay as close to reality as possible. For lighting in the presentations we use realistic light simulations precisely according to the actual orientation of the sun at the location.


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Visualization of buildings/houses – Architectonic 3D visualization

We create blueprint-based exterior visualizations of buildings/houses, placing the objects directly into a photograph of a selected location. The result will be in the form of a photo-realistic visualization, animation or 3D model, used for the visualization of architectural and urban studies or gardens. A visualization may be set in an area of existing structures or within an empty building plot. 3D exterior visualizations can be used as project studies or as supporting documentation in the application process for building permission.

Ideas on paper for you and for the investors

Are you planning to build or renovate a house or a building for commercial purposes? To help organize your ideas, make better decisions and for easier introduction of a project to investors, 3D photo-realistic visualization is ideal. This visualization will show you in advance just how realistic your plans for colours, materials, placement of your pool or layout of your garden are. The architect, designer and especially the investor will see a clear visual plan of the project, thus gaining a comprehensive idea about the future investment. We can create a 3D model of a building based on your requests in printed or electronic form.


Virtual 3D tours

A 3D virtual tour is an ideal tool for developers or real estate agents. With a 3D virtual tour you can present your designs and visions of a future project such as a house or any other building to your customers or investors.

Advantages of 3D exterior visualization:

  • Introduce your ideas to customers or investors even before the start of construction
  • Your plans and projects will be set directly into their actual surroundings
  • Virtual 3D tours allow you to explore the area from all sides 

Your plans set into reality

In architectural visualizations of exteriors, the most frequently used method is the so-called ‘verified view’ process. It means that photo-realistic visualizations are placed directly into a photograph. We will take care of taking the photographs, either with the client or after agreeing with a client that we will do it ourselves. Consequently, we will fit a 3D visualization into the selected photographs, based on data from the digital camera and the orientation of the photographer in regards to the future building. By processing these data and applying the photographed perspective to the 3D model, we achieve a prospective alignment within the visualized setting. This met hod is called camera matching.


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